BE Partners

BE Partners

BE and our partners work together developing ecosystems that will allow the diaspora to build trusted relationships and leveraging shared economics to create new economic opportunities. Our current strengths focus on building distribution channels, creating operational process, and engaging in transcontinental trade.

Ingressive Capital not only makes $50k - $100k investments in early stage African startups, but they also create initiatives and support programs that develop technical talent build the capacity of African entrepreneurs.

Ask The Transporter is a US logistics company that focused on optimizing supply chains and facilitating intercontinental trade through channels across the continental USA.

Enye connects entrepreneurs, SMEs, and corporate clients with the technical talent needed to develop internal solutions, create MVPs, or launch a tech-enabled startup.

OyaNow is a logistics company offering exclusive direct to customer distribution channels in Lagos, Kano, and Abuja. This company is redefining HR models by leveraging internal capacity building and empowerment as an expansion strategy.