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The AWB Squad is for every member of the African diaspora that has thought about living abroad or ever wondered what it would be like to get away. We share the extraordinary tales of successful black people who have left their comfort zones to blaze new trails. Our members connect through experiencing the realities of living among different cultures. AWB creates spaces for the Black community to ask questions, request specific content, and develop business opportunities.

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The Abroad While Black team are always looking for black perspectives from all over the globe. Schedule an interview if you have an amazing success story to inspire our shared community. We love to discuss life-changing experiences, profitable business opportunities, and communities and individuals committed to making life better for the African diaspora!

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AWB- African Women Pioneering The Green Economy

The Green Economy is an aspect of our ecosystem that has great influence on human lives. As a result we bring you three amazing women who are expert on the green economy resolution... Watch this episode to see more about the green economy and learn how it has been enhanced so far!

AWB- Remote Working Tools!

Have you ever wondered what tools are needed to efficiently work remotely? Watch this episode of the Abroad while black show and learn how you can run your businesses or tasks from anywhere in the world! Feel free to drop your questions in the comment section below...

AWB- Should i try working remotely?

Working remotely seems to be the trend now, especially since the outbreak of the pandemic. Have you migrated your business or skill to the remote world? Are you worried if your business can fit into the remote working setup? Then this episode is for you! Watch and learn from our C.E.O, as he takes you on a tour in learning how to be a pro in remote working!

Abroad While Black in Amsterdam!

Have you ever thought about life in Amsterdam! Here you are! Meet our amazing AWB guest as he shares his experience with us on what living in Amsterdam can be like... Feel free to ask question... If you currently live abroad and would like to be our guest then feel free to write to us!

AWB - Lean Ops - The Scientific Method For Entrepreneurs (full)

Have you ever thought of scientific approach to entrepreneurship? Watch this episode to learn amazing scientific ways to improve your works and ideas! Drop your questions in the comment section.....

AWB- Lean Ops During The Pandemic (Intro)

This is for all! Has your business survived the pandemic ? or you ran at a big loss? Watch this video from the C.E.O of Burrowes Enterprises, and understand how to make your business work again to become more profitable! Feel free to drop your questions... and build your business!

AWB: HBCU Thrive Discuss Opportunities for Students

Students! This is for you! Check out the opportunities that has been laid out for you! This is an eye opener to all students...Feel free to drop your comments and questions...

AWB - Valuation For Non Investors

Valuation is one of the key topics that cannot be over emphasized. Watch this amazing episode to see insightful facts from the experts on Valuation! Drop ypur questions below....

AWB - Pre Investment Checklist

The Checklist is here! From the previous Investment readiness episode, we have learnt so much... and now we have the checklist! Click the video to see what to do, how to do it, when to do it...all answers have been finally answered! Feel free to ask further questions...


Investment readiness is a key note topic for every individual, startup, entrepreneur and multinational company. The C.E.O Of Burrowes Enterprises has succinctly explained the ethics of Investment readiness...Click the video to learn more...

AWB's First Visitor To Africa!

Meet our first Abroad While Black guest in Africa! It was an amazing session! Watch the video and see the surprise we have for you...Who was this guest? Watch and find out!

How To Set Revenue Generating Goals.

Our esteemed C.E.O , Sean Burrowes, shared amazing insights on revenue generation, as well as how to set goals to achieve this. Have you got revenue generating ideas? The inability to set the right objectives to achieve your goal, can affect your revenue generation. Watch this video to learn more from the boss of revenue generation.......

Latoken Tv - Africa - Arising Opportunities

Sean Burroewes, the C.E.O of Burrowes Enterprises along side other great African elites, was hosted live on Latoken TV. Perspective on the opportunities that abound in the mother land, Africa, was majorly discussed... Click the video to see more insights on this topic..


Meet the Kings of LA! Our special guest Ethan Smith! He shared his experiences visiting Africa, insights about encouraging communal living and how he established his company. Check out this clip and drop your comments!


There was a movement razing through the internet called the stingy men association, with chapters all over Africa.

In this video we dissected generations of stingy men and the possible origin of the movement. You'd love this! Are you part of the stingy men association too? Share your views below!


Interestingly, there are so many myths and facts about why blacks Americans can't live in Africa...Are you a black American? Kindly share your thoughts on the above topic...


Have you ever had thoughts on the possibility of setting up your own business successfully while abroad? Then, this episode is just for you! On this episode, we had Davisha Johnson, a successful business owner outside her home country. She shares insights on the pros and cons of establishing a business while abroad. Watch the full video and feel free to ask questions in the comment section...


Our amazing hosts, Sean Burrowes and Cordie Aziz, shared their experience while in America (Home country) verse while Abroad. Watch the full video and see how much they miss their home country! This same feeling happens to most people abroad, there comes a time when you just miss home! Watch and share your views...


Abroad while venturing into finances comes with its own pros and cons. Meet our guest, Kelvin Summer, as he gives us strong insights about financing while abroad... Feel free to share your views!


Amazingly, the Abroad While Black episodes has hosted great black ambassadors from different parts of world! If you are a black currently living outside your home country , feel free to reach out to us, we will be glad to have you as our guest! If you have got questions about living abroad as a black, drop your questions in the comment section below!


Living in Russia as a black happens to be more exciting than we thought! On this episode, Sylvester Obiho gave us strong insights about living in Russia in regards to education, religion, black migration, dating and lots more.... Feel free to share your views or ask questions about living in Russia!


Meet Roger Roman, a startup founder and investor, as he shares amazing facts on venturing into a startup while abroad. In this episode you would learn more on how spending time abroad can transform business and idea creation. Share your views in the comment section below!


Every startup needs to acquire the right talent in other enhance day to day operations that will result in traceable profitability in inclination with the company goals and visions. In this episode, Glen Ademafio, gave us insights on how to leverage talent development while abroad. Watch and share your views in the comments....


As an Independent Traveler, Adventurer, International student, or Globetrotter,the live like a local travel style can turn your dream destinations into reality. In this episode, Sean Burrowes and Cordie shared amazing tips on living like a local while abroad.... What are your best travel tips and recommendations for adventures abroad? Watch and drop your comments...


There are a lot of myths and truths around what it is like to be black in Asia. In this episode Jonathan Jackson shared his experience of living in multiple Asian countries and cities, in regards to dating, teaching as a career, and several mysteries of the far east...

Abroad While Educating

For over four centuries black people have depended upon eurocentric views to educate ourselves. Johnetta wants to reclaim that narrative! Learn more about the H.E.R. Collective...

Abroad While Only Speaking English

Traveling to a new country can be a challenge. Not knowing the language only complicates things further. Join us and learn how to get by with English in a different country via Channel's firsthand experiences...

Abroad While Single

Dating while black has been known to have it's challenges, but dating when bae has different cultural origins is a another problem altogether. On this episode we discuss how to date internationally with Ronke Adesanye, a young upwardly mobile, corporate lioness...

Abroad While Farming

Globally black people don't own many means to food production. We depend upon what is readily available, and for those in food deserts; this is not sustainable for our health. Bequita joins us to discuss building black businesses and how she created her own aquafarm business model for black farmers...

Abroad While Black - Introduction Pt. 2

Sean Burrowes, Abroad While Black co-host, discusses his passion for building an economic bridge between Africa and her diaspora and also shares what the community should expect from AWB...

Abroad While Black - Introduction Pt. 1

Community host Cordie Aziz kicks off the first Abroad While Black podcast and introduces the reason why we decided to start this group and how it benefits our shared black communities all over the world...


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