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BE works closely with creatives and visionaries to transform great ideas into measurable processes that generate positive outcomes. Our primary focus is aligning the core strengths of our clients with revenue generating activities.

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Productivity Enhancement

Leverage digital tools to project manage operations an employee tasks in a way that communicates expectations and demands accountability

Customized Tech Solutions

Affordable cutting edge tech innovation built to your design as a solution to existing applications that do not include the specific needs of your daily operations

Automated Online Operations

Bring your business plan to life by leveraging cloud and other digital tools that adapts your operations using live business analytics


Financial Operations

Implementation of accounting processes and software used to track sales and inventory, keep detailed records, and calculate data and sales trends

Physical Operations

Analyzing the current business environment, conducting market research, and provide reporting on how strategies and activities align

Policy and Accountability

Translating the company's vision and mission into company infrastructure, key performance indicators, and daily productivity


Generating Awareness

Devising sales schemes, promotional ads, product placement, and point of sale materials to increase target market expenditures and focus those sales in specific areas

Quality Control

Developing processes addressing inventory control and "Last Mile" customer service management

Relationship Management

Deploying processes for tracking customer interactions, outreach strategies, and CRM tool integration


Brand Management

Identifying the pillars of client business models and devising methods to make them a focal point of targeted demographics

Digital Marketing

Attract and engage targeted customers by adopting solid strategies around social media/website, mobile tech, email campaigns, SEO, and more

Media Relations

Leverage existing media relationships to create newsworthy content and events that penetrate targeted demographics and communities


Staff Training

Identify the staffing needs of the company and assess current talent to create staff training focused on ROI, increasing productivity, and monetizing daily activity


Build documents supporting the company's vision/mission through the creation internal documents including the employee handbook and company policies

Team Development

Leverage company staff assessment to create developmental paths necessary for structured turn over and/or promotions


Distribution Management

Develop distribution channels, sales/marketing route to market territory maps, distribution and depletion strategies, and all related metrics

Distribution Technology

Recruit and train relevant teams on sales/distribution applications, the use of distribution technology, and maintain IT services

Logistics Management

Setup and/or train relevant teams on inventory control process, warehouse management, safety systems, and fleet management


Financial Modeling

Diving into financial records and business models to declare company valuation, create a balance sheet, financial forecasting and more

Regulation & Compliance

Reviewing existing regulations and policies to ensure compliance, discover loopholes, and inform growth strategies

Market & Competitor Research

Researching to create a market analysis that outlines market potential/size, the industry, and presents potential short-term and long-term risks

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Schedule a Free 15 Minute Consultation

Tuesdays 11am - 1:30pm & Thursdays 5pm - 7pm (WAT)

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